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Ref: DUB000073

Laguiole knife 12 cm, corks, carbon blade, juniper wood

Our grandfather's Laguiole, with a blade that gets darker and darker as time passes. It offers a marvellous cutting edge. This piece of art comes out of our past to not only please the nostalgic ones but also the real connaisseurs.

In stock (D-1): 149 pieces

69.90€ Tax Included MSRP

This Laguiole folding knife is hand crafted according to strict specifications : XC100 carbon blade : carbon blades get oxydized quicker than stainless steel ones but offer outstanding cutting properties. The spring is fully forged, that means that the spring and the bee are forged with one steel part (on other laguiole knives, the bee is welded on the spring). Beyond the fact that this is the traditional way of crafting a knife, it give the knife an addtional point of strenght and shows the savoir faire of the blacksmith who forged it.

Forged stainless steel bolsters : the 2 bolsters guarantee the strenght of the handle. These are forged. The juniper wood is naturally veined and gives this knife authenticity and uniqueness, and carries an image of traditional values.

It naturally smells like pepper. The handle also features an incrustation of the Christian cross. Corkscrew : 3 spiral corkscrew made of stainless steel.

Brand Laguiole
Custom Code 8211930000
GTIN code 3661190003324
Country of origin Pakistan
Material Steel, Wood
Color Grey, Brown
Product with rechargeable battery non
Battery operated product non
Gross Weight (g) 118.00
Weight without packaging (g) 100.00
Packaging Weight (g) 18.00
Net weight without accessories (g)
Product length when closed (cm) 12.10
Width when closed (cm) 2.70
Thickness when closed (cm) 2.00
Product length when opened (cm) 22.80
Blade length (cm) 10.00
Contains (ml) 0.00
Type of packaging Boîte carton
Packaging length (cm) 13.10
Packaging length (cm) 4.40
Packaging Height (cm) 2.20
Quantity per carton 120.00
Carton length (cm) 48.00
Carton width (cm) 29.00
Carton height (cm) 16.00
Carton weight (cm) 16.80
Quantity per inner carton 12.00

Unit price without imprint

120 pieces 28.86 € Tax Excluded
240 pieces 27.84 € Tax Excluded
480 pieces 26.86 € Tax Excluded

Product customization

Marking details Laser engraving 1
Place to print Left side of the blade
Max surface available for printing (cm) 5 x 1
Handling charges 0.58 €
Technical fees 70 €
120 pcs 1.50 €
240 pcs 1.30 €
480 pcs 1.10 €