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Ref: ECO000225

Universal screwdriver set 'Cleveland'

Box containing an aluminium alloy screwdriver handle and 24 different C45 steel bits : 5 x Phillips, 8 x Torx, 3 x Tri-Wing, 2 x Flat, 2 Star, 2 x Allen, 1 x Triangle and 1 x Spanner (also called Snake-Eye). 12,5cm total length screwdriver handle with a magnetic end and a handle rotation system. Bits hold in the box thanks to a magnetic system. Box opening by sliding.

Key features:
- 24 different bits in an ultra-small and protected space thanks to a compact and light storage / transport box.
- Screwdriver end and bottom of the box with a magnetic system to never lose the bits.
- Rotating handle system to make screwing easier.
- C45 steel bits for higher résistance and better durability.

In stock (D-1): 801 pieces
Delivery schedule: 12-07-2024 | 3000 pieces

12.90€ Tax Included MSRP

Brand Baladéo
Custom Code 8207903000
GTIN code 3661190024930
Country of origin China
Material Steel, Plastic, Aluminium
Color Black, Grey
Product with rechargeable battery non
Battery operated product non
Gross Weight (g) 196.00
Weight without packaging (g) 185.00
Packaging Weight (g) 0.00
Net weight without accessories (g)
Product length when closed (cm) 15.70
Width when closed (cm) 7.00
Thickness when closed (cm) 1.80
Product length when opened (cm) 0.00
Blade length (cm) 0.00
Contains (ml) 0.00
Type of packaging Boîte carton
Packaging length (cm) 16.40
Packaging length (cm) 7.20
Packaging Height (cm) 1.80
Quantity per carton 80.00
Carton length (cm) 35.00
Carton width (cm) 31.00
Carton height (cm) 22.00
Carton weight (cm) 17.00
Quantity per inner carton 0.00

Unit price without imprint

120 pieces 6.66 € Tax Excluded
240 pieces 6.42 € Tax Excluded
480 pieces 6.20 € Tax Excluded

Product customizations

Marking details Laser engraving 1
Place to print Handle
Max surface available for printing (cm) 8 x 0,2
Handling charges 0.58 €
Technical fees 78 €
120 pcs 1.60 €
240 pcs 1.40 €
480 pcs 1.20 €